Foreign Liability

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What is foreign liability?

Provides coverage for claims made outside the territorial limits of other liability policy. Coverage is usually needed only for regular or permanent operations outside of the US, its territories, or Canada.

This coverage is targeted for clients whose physical place of operation is within the United States, but are engaged in the exporting of their products or services to other countries.

Coverage provides for reimbursement of third party damages sustained including defense expenses associated with claims filed in other countries. Coverage is provided using our proprietary form or ISO worldwide coverage forms.

What will be covered in the foreign liability?

Foreign liability covers any liability the institution incurs when its officers, employees, or agents travel to foreign countries. The insurance provides broad coverage for bodily injury and property damage including: foreign automobile liability, medical payments, fire legal liability coverage for real estate property, and employee benefits liability. Foreign liability does not cover professional liability or contractual liability. Repatriation coverage includes medical evacuation of state employees to the nearest good medical facility and return of the state employee’s body to the United States in the event of death. Some foreign countries are excluded by the State’s policy; in those cases, the State is self-insured for this exposure.

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